Animation / 2010 / Black&White / 4:3 / stereo / 5min 35sec
Direction, Animation, Sound : Hirotoshi Iwasaki

夢の中に出てきた沢山のベッドから白い煙が立ち上る風景をきっかけにした作品。制作時に荘子の胡蝶の夢に影響を受け、夢と現実の対立を映像化した。 映像中の眠っている男は誰なのか考えていなかったが、最終的には不思議と祖父そっくりな人物になった。

This animation was based on a scene I dreamt, where white smoke was rising from a bed. I was influenced by one of Zhuangzi’s thought, The butterfly dream, and visualized the contrast between dream and reality. While I was creating this piece, I was never aware of whom the man sleeping in the movie was, but somehow, he ended up looking just like my grandfather.
Original picture of BEACH
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